Monday, 24 January 2011

Huddersfield Poker Team

Welcome to Huddersfield Poker Team!
I want you to join and help me establish the Huddersfield Poker Team!

- I love Poker 
- I just moved from Portugal to Huddersfield and I want to play poker with local players
- I played in local Casinos and saw there are very good players in Huddersfield
- Playing as a Team is the best way to learn poker and to have all kind of support we need in Tournaments.
- Making a nice place where we can share our Poker experiences.


- I will post all your achievements in the blog
- I will post all Tournaments in the Blog - Online and Live
- I will schedule some tournaments with my Portuguese Team  ( you can visit at
- I will email all players the schedule and the password
- I will post some videos and hands for discussion
- I will start the Huddersfield Poker Team League


- Created a Club Huddersfield Poker Team at Home Games Pokerstars where we can play our own private Tournaments. Ask me the password.

If you love Poker like me... Join us!

Pedro "Petersimon" Simões